Professional Development Liaison

The Professional Development Liaison supplement was created to facilitate access to professional development experiences for teachers at their work location that are timely, relevant, research-based, support teacher-led initiatives and goals, and are results-oriented. The assignment of a Professional Development Liaison to each school also adheres to national and state standards for high-quality professional development programs by insuring that professional development services are targeted to address individual school and teacher needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the Professional Development Liaison is a teacher leadership role that is multifaceted. There are nine identified professional learning responsibilities of the Professional Development Liaison:

  1. Facilitate on-site professional development opportunities by proposing and/or delivering school-based professional learning that supports the school’s strategic goals and objectives.
  2. Support and facilitate implementation and follow-up of the school’s plan for professional development, including fostering various models of job-embedded PD by serving on the school leadership team.
  3. Facilitate school-based professional learning communities by grade level, subject area, or topic of interest and/or serve as resource to initiate Lesson Study.
  4. Periodically elicit feedback from instructional personnel at the school site regarding PD needs and provide input to school administrators, Region Offices and Professional Development.
  5. Model active involvement in professional growth and learning opportunities by: participating in local, state and national level professional learning programs and conferences; researching innovative instructional practices touted in journal articles; spearheading lesson study, etc.
  6. Serve as liaison between the school site, Region Office and the District regarding implementation of the Florida Professional Development Protocol Standards.
  7. Collaborate with school leadership team, Professional Development & Evaluation, Region and school administrators to identify PD needs and provide professional learning opportunities at the school site.
  8. Prepare, review and submit proposals through the Professional Development Menu and Registration System for school-based professional learning sessions.
  9. Participate in planning of professional learning and articulation of intended results of staff development programs on teacher practice with understanding of characteristics and models of effective staff development.
  10. Work with colleagues to use disaggregated data to establish professional learning goals including needs identified in the School’s Improvement Plan.
  11. Collect and analyze data with colleagues to determine the impact of the professional development including data-based decision making as an evaluation tool.
  12. Create and distribute a professional learning needs assessment and communicate the results to all stakeholders, linking those results to available professional learning opportunities.


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Book Study
Lesson Study
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