National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT)

About National Board Certification

The National Board has advanced the teaching profession by establishing and maintaining the definitive standards of excellence in teaching and certifying more than112,000 educators against those standards.

By teachers, for teachers. National Board Certification is available in 25 certificate areas from Pre-K through 12th grade. Teachers in the field created the standards for each content area and developmental level. They represent a generation of consensus about what teachers should know and be able to do to have a positive impact on student learning.

While teacher licensure systems set basic requirements to teach in each state, completion of Board certification means a teacher has voluntarily gone much further. National Board Certified Teachers have demonstrated the professional knowledge, skills and practices required of an outstanding educator. Board certification allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession. A distinction that follows wherever their career takes them.

Consistent principles. Board certification is performance-based and peer-reviewed, with a strong emphasis on content knowledge and impact on student learning

Board certification has many benefits.

National Board Certification is the most respected professional distinction available in education.
  •  Board-certified teachers represent a large network of outstanding teachers shaping the profession and supporting their colleagues.

  • Teachers and students benefit immediately as the high and rigorous National Board Standards come alive in their classroom during the certification process.

  • Many states and districts offer fee support to teachers seeking Board certification.

  • Financial incentives, including bonuses and raises, are available in several states and districts for teachers who achieve Board certification.

  • Board-certified teachers are recognized across the nation because they've met the highest standards set by the profession. School and district administrators often give preference to Board-certified teachers when making hiring decisions and selecting educators to become teacher leaders.


To make the dramatic improvements we seek in education for every student, Board certification must be the norm, not the exception. meet this goal, the National Board works with Board-certified teachers and other experts in the profession to make the certification process flexible and affordable and to incorporate the latest research on best practices in teaching while maintaining the integrity and transformative nature of the certification process.

The National Board is a not-for-profit organization governed by a board of directors, the majority of whom are Board-certified teachers. National Board Standards and the certification process are developed by committees of outstanding educators made up of classroom teachers as well as experts in child development, teacher education and relevant disciplines. The National Board works in partnership with teachers' unions, state and district leaders, nonprofits, foundations and policy makers to elevate the profession and advance student learning in all 50 states.

Grounded in the National Board's Five Core Propositions that describe what teachers should know and be able to do, the certification process is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished practice. In all 25 certificate areas, candidates are required to complete four components. An assessment overview containing additional details is found at The specific instructions will vary by certificate area, as will the standards assessed by each component.

Component 1: Content Knowledge
A computer-based assessment asks you to demonstrate your understanding of content knowledge and pedagogical practices for teaching your content area. You must demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate content, which is necessary for teaching across the full age range and ability level of your chosen certificate area. This is assessed through the completion of three constructed response exercises and 45 selected response items.

Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction

This classroom-based portfolio entry requires that candidates gather and analyze information about individual students' strengths and needs and use that information to design and implement instruction to advance student learning and achievement. You will submit selected work samples that demonstrate the students' growth over time and a written commentary that analyzes your instructional choices.

Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment
This is a classroom-based portfolio entry that requires video recordings of interactions between you and your students. You will also submit a  written commentary in which you describe, analyze and reflect on your teaching and interactions with students. Both the video and the written commentary should demonstrate how you engage students and impact their learning.

Component 4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner
This portfolio entry requires you to demonstrate evidence of your abilities as an effective and reflective practitioner in developing and applying knowledge of your students; your use of assessments to effectively plan for and positively impact your students' learning; and your collaboration to advance students' learning and growth.

The process is more flexible than ever!

Set your own pace and sequence throughout the process.

          Take up to three years to complete the four components

          Complete the components in any sequence

          You have two opportunities to retake a component, if needed

          Each component costs $475; pay for components separately




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