Master In-Service Plan

Embedded in each Local Educational Agency's professional development system is a master in-service plan (MIP) that identifies the components of professional learning that may generate master in-service plan points toward recertification or add-on certification. The components in the MIP are deliverables of the professional development system and a major support in addressing the purposes of district systems and individual deliberate practice.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools takes the position that all of its employees are valuable members of the District's educational community. In order to be effective and efficient in fulfilling job-related requirements and responsibilities, as well as updating administrative, professional, and technical knowledge and skills, it is essential that opportunities for high-quality professional development be available on a continual basis.

The Master Plan for In-service Education (2014-2019) is a catalog of courses (components) that has been approved by the Miami-Dade County Public School Board and the Florida Department of Education for use by teachers, administrators, and non-instructional personnel, and is designed to meet this purpose. Components focus on student achievement and school improvement by addressing direct instructional needs and/or knowledge, attitudes, skills, aspirations, and behaviors to support continuous improvement.

The 2014-2019 Plan consists of 209 components that comprise the foundation for the majority of professional development that takes place in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Each component specifies a maximum number of Master Plan Points (in most cases 120) that can be awarded upon successful course completion and consists of a general objective, specific objectives, activities, follow-up (application), and evaluation criteria to determine mastery of the component objectives. All courses are built upon components and include specific objectives to meet a designated goal(s), with Master Plan Points determined based upon the number and complexity of the objectives to be taught. Courses designed from these components are listed on My Learning Plan – Miami Dade County Public Schools. These professional development courses may be completed to satisfy requirements for renewal of a Florida professional educator's certificate; to fulfill identified requirements for the Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) or for documentation for the goal setting standard with Instructional Performance Evaluation and Growth System (IPEGS); to meet specific administrative and/or technical program requirements; to meet specific stipend eligibility requirements; or for general professional growth.

Each component is identified by a unique seven-digit component number that is composed of three groups of numbers. The first position, a single number, is the function number. The second position, a three-digit number, identifies the principal subject area upon which the component focuses. Finally, the third position, also a three-digit number, represents the sequential number of that component for all within the same function and focus areas.

The following are a listing of the component numbers in the 2014-2019 Master In-service Plan


Studies in Content and Integrated Curriculum 1-007-303
Mathematics Standards 1-009-316
Mathematics Assessment 1-009-317
Mathematics Content 1-009-319
Mathematics Instructional Strategies 1-009-320
Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 1-011-304
Coaching Theory 1-011-305
Theory and Practice of Coaching A Specific Sport 1-011-306
Rescue and Community Water Safety 1-011-309
Reading Content 1-013-319
Competency 1 - Foundations of Reading Instruction 1-013-320
Competency 2 - Application of Research Based Instructional Practices 1-013-321
Competency 3 - Foundations of Assessment 1-013-322
Competency 4 - Applications of Differentiated Instruction 1-013-323
Competency 5 - Demonstration of Accomplishment 1-013-324
Informal Science Education 1-015-318
Science Content 1-015-332
Autisim Endorsement Assist Instructional Techniques and Alternative Communication 1-101-301
Austism Endorsement Behavior Management and Positive Behavioral Support 1-101-302
Autism Endorsement Nature, Needs and Assessment 1-103-301
Autism Endorsement Implementation of Field-Based Experience(Capstone) 1-103-302
Special Education- Curriculum Content 1-105-319
Nature and Needs of the Gifted 1-106-301
Curriculum Development for the Gifted 1-106-302
Theory and Development of Creativity 1-106-303
Guidance and Counseling for the Gifted 1-106-304
Special Populations of Gifted Students 1-106-305
Health Science Education Instructional Strategies 1-204-001
Technology Education- Communication-CAD Software 1-209-001
Technology Eucation- Engineering-Manufacturing Software 1-209-002
Curriculum Development and Enhancement for Standards in Career and Technical Education (CTE) 1-211-001
Implementing Effective Library Media Programs 1-407-308
Curriculum Content for Paraprofessionals 1-408-306
IPEGS 1 Overview for Administrators 1-410-001
ESOL Issues & Strategies LEP Students 1-410-314
IPEGS 1 Overview for Instructional Professionals 1-410-317
IPEGS Instructional Performance Evaluation and Growth System Updates 1-410-318
IPEGS 2 Performance Standards and Rating Rubric Instructional 1-410-319
IPEGS 4 EOY Documentation and the Summative Evaluation Instructional Professionals 1-410-323
ESOL Methods of Teaching 1-700-001
ESOL Testing and Evaluation 1-701-001
ESOL Applied Linguistics 1-702-001
ESOL Curriculum & Materials Development 1-703-001
ESOL Cross Cultural Communications 1-705-001
Instructional Strategies in the Visual Arts 2-000-325
Contemporary and Traditional Media Arts 2-000-326
Health Science Education CPR-First Aide 2-002-029
School-Based Technology 2-003-395
Student Services Human Growth Dev 2-005-332
Student Services Child Abuse 2-005-333
Language Arts Instruction 2-008-346
Instructional Strategies in Speech and Debate 2-008-347
Instructional Strategies in Theater 2-008-348
Music Content and Materials 2-010-317
Music Instructional Strategies and Techniques 2-010-318
Strategies and Techniques in Dance 2-011-343
Physical Education-Sports - Physical & Sensory Disabilities 2-011-344
Sports for Students with Intellectual DisabilitiesIntellectual Disability 2-011-346
Physical Education Curriculum and Strategies 2-011-348
Physical Education and Health & Health 2-011-349
Dance Education Content and Strategies 2-011-350
JROTC Instructional Practices 2-011-351
Early Childhood High-Scope 2-012-335
Early Childhood Education Instructional Practices 2-012-336
Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies (Project CRISS) 2-013-331
Reading Instruction 2-013-360
Science Assessment 2-015-394
Science Instructional Strategies 2-015-395
Multicultural Education 2-016-365
History 2-016-366
Geography 2-016-367
Economics 2-016-368
Civics-Government 2-016-369
Character Education 2-016-370
Behavorial Sciences 2-016-371
Writing Instruction 2-017-318
Special Education-Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) 2-100-429
Special Education - Sensory 2-100-430
Special Education - Inclusive Practices 2-100-432
Special Education - ESOL 2-100-433
Special Education- Transition 2-100-434
Special Education- Orthopedically Impaired 2-100-435
Special Education - Instructional Strategies 2-100-436
ESE for All Educators 2-100-437
Advanced Academics Advanced Placement 2-106-321
Advanced Academics Gifted 2-106-322
Advanced Academics Innovative Strategies 2-106-323
Advanced Academics Teaching Enrichment Activities to Minorities 2-106-324
Health Science Education- Clinical Update for Health Occupations 2-204-001
Technology Education-Instructional Strategies 2-209-303
Career Technology Education Machine Operation 2-209-304
Technology Education STEM Curriculum 2-209-307
Technology Education- Industry Certification 2-209-308
Instructional Strategies in Career and Technical Education (CTE) 2-211-001
Industry Certification Instruction and Preparation for Career and Technical Education 2-211-002
Elite Instructional Strategies for Adult Education 2-301-316
Elite GED Instructional Strategies 2-301-317
ELITE Adult ESOL Instruction 2-302-303
Elite Adults With Disabilities Prog 2-303-304
Assessment Issues and Strategies 2-401-001
MINT Mentor 2-404-006
MINT New Teachers 2-404-007
Co-Teaching 2-406-323
School-Based Curriculum Content 2-408-368
Professional Conference DistrictStateNational 2-408-369
Current Methods in Choice Programs 2-408-370
Instructional Strategies for Paraprofessionals 2-408-371
Professional Seminar 2-408-372
School-Based Instructional Support Strategies 2-409-410
Instructional Support Stratgies 2-409-411
Differentiated Instruction 2-411-002
Psychological Services Issues in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity 2-411-309
Psychological Services School Support Team 2-415-306
Continuous Improvement Model 2-501-002
School-Based Improvement Initiatives 2-512-355
Bilingual Ed- ELL Elm. Language Arts.Reading 2-700-001
BE Spanish Language Elem 2-700-002
BE Dual Language InstForm 2-700-003
BE ELL Elem. Best Practices 2-700-004
BE Spanish Lang. Literature 6-12 2-700-005
BE ELL Secondary Reading Language Arts 2-700-007
BE World Language Inst. 2-700-008
BE Home Language Strategies Haitian-Creole 2-700-009
Instructional Technology Emerging Technology 3-003-387
Integrating Technology into the Curriculum 3-003-389
Instructional Technology Applications 3-003-391
Computer Literacy 3-003-392
Business Applications - Productivity Software 3-003-393
Windows Operating Systems 3-003-394
Graphics and Web Design 3-003-395
Mathematics Technology 3-009-318
Science and Technology 3-015-001
Special Education - Technology 3-100-001
Assessment and Data Analysis in Reading 4-013-001
Special Education - Assessment 4-102-001
Special Education Speech-Language Services 4-102-002
Special Education Compliance 4-103-001
Data Analysis 4-401-001
Psychological Services Assessment and Evaluation 4-401-002
Psycological Services Cross Battery Assessment 4-401-003
Psychological Services Assessing Learners Needs 4-411-001
Psychological Services Schoolwide Data Analysis 4-501-002
Special Education - E-BD Programs 5-101-308
Special Education - Behavior Management 5-101-309
Special Education - Clinical Services 5-101-310
Classroom Management 5-404-004
Family Involvement Component 6-413-001
Literacy Leadership 7-008-001
Math Leadership 7-009-001
Leadership in Reading 7-013-306
Science and Leadership 7-015-001
Psychological Services Leadership Cadre 7-401-002
IPEGS 2 Performance Standards and Rating Rubric - Administrators 7-410-001
IPEGS 3 Deliberate Practice Growth Target Administrators 7-410-002
IPEGS 4 EOY Documentation and Summative Evaluation - Administrators 7-410-003
IPEGS Inter-Rater Reliablity Administrators 7-410-011
Problem Solving and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) 7-415-001
Teacher Leadership Development 7-416-305
National Board Candidacy 7-416-306
Ethics and Professionalism 7-503-007
Workplace Diversity 7-503-008
School-Based Action Research 7-506-028
The Principal Leading School-Based Professional Learning 7-506-029
Grants-Writing and Managing 7-506-031
School-Based Book Study 7-507-308
School-Based Professional Learning Communities 7-507-309
Effective Communication 7-507-310
Instructional Leadership 7-507-311
Operational Leadership 7-507-312
School Leadership 7-507-313
Mentoring for Administrators 7-507-314
Executive Coaching 7-507-315
Action Research. 7-507-316
Professional Learning Communities 7-507-317
Lesson Study 7-507-319
School-Based Lesson Study 7-507-320
Educational Leadership for School Board Members 7-507-321
Instructional Coaching 7-507-322
Communications 7-508-022
Budget and Finance 7-508-023
Electronic Gradebook 7-508-024
Mainframe ISIS 7-508-025
School - Student Scheduler 7-508-026
Report Application 7-508-027
School Improvement Process 7-512-310
Supervision of ESOL for Administrators 7-513-090
Assistant Principal Preparation Program 7-513-091
Principal Preparation Program 7-513-092
Technology 8-003-001
Special Education- Collaboration 8-104-001
Student Services Prev-Interv-HIV-AIDS Ed 8-409-001
Student Services Seminar 8-409-002
Student Services Prevention-Intervention 8-409-003
Student Services Workshop 8-409-004
Student Services Strategies 8-409-005
Clinical Supervision for Educators 8-409-305
HQ Subject Area Tutorial Preparation 8-409-308
AP3 Seminar 1 8-410-001
AP3 Seminar 2 8-410-002
Non-Instructional School Board Policy and Procedures 8-410-004
Professional Development Liaison Training 8-417-001
SAP Procurement Systems 8-504-014
General SAP Features 8-504-015
SAP Financial Systems 8-504-016
SAP HR Systems 8-506-308
Effective Peer Coaching 8-507-001
Business Skills 8-509-059
Operations and Safety 8-510-010