Mentoring and Induction for New Teachers (MINT)

Mentoring and Induction for New Teachers (MINT) program is a three-year comprehensive induction program designed to assist and retain new teachers by providing high quality professional development opportunities that will enable teachers to enhance student learning and increase student achievement. The program is aligned with the Florida Educators Accomplished Practices (FEAP) and will provide sustained support by enlisting veteran school, regional and district educators to mentor, coach and guide new teachers.

Program components include the assignment of a mentor or buddy teacher, core learning courses, participation in professional learning communities through New Educator Support Team (NEST) sessions, participation in a new teacher orientation, activities focusing on reflection, self-assessment and goal setting and release time for classroom observations.

Please review the documents, tools, and resources available for your use:

New Teacher Tools

MINT Manual
MINT Brochure
MINT Mentor Support

Self Assessment
Individual Professional Development Plan
MINT New Teacher Activity E-Log
In-Class Observation Form

Overview of MINT for New Teachers
Classroom Management
Data Analysis
Using Data to Target Instruction
Differentiated Instruction
IPEGS for New Teachers

Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAP)
Code of Ethics for the Education Profession
M-DCPS Instructional Certificate Office
What Does It Mean?

Additional Resources

Florida Schools Leaders
Florida Department of Education Just for Teachers
New Teacher Center
Florida Teacher Certification Examination
Riverdeep Learning Village
Scholastic - New Teacher Survival Guides

Instructional Performance Evaluation and Growth System (IPEGS)
Teacher Net Gazette
Differentiated Instruction
M-DCPS Certification Office
Compensation and Tuition Reimbursement