Clinical Supervision: Coaching and Mentoring for Developing Professionals

The Clinical Supervision for Educators Training Program is designed to provide quality support for developing professionals in the classroom setting, as well as in a variety of student services settings.  Each semester interns and field experience students from the colleges/universities are placed in classrooms and schools to develop and strengthen their skills under the supervision of experienced educators who have demonstrated excellence in their fields.  Interns and field experience students participating in teacher preparation programs at the college/university level benefit greatly from the expertise shared by experienced educators through a modeling, coaching, and mentoring process.  Additionally, the process assists in maintaining the standard of excellence for those entering the teaching profession.  As of July 1, 1995, Florida Statute 240.529 (5) (b) requires that educators who supervise such students successfully complete the Clinical Supervision for Educators Program.  Additional requirements for supervision include (a) a minimum of three (3) years of successful teaching experience and (b) continuing or professional service contract status.

Class sessions in Clinical Supervision for Educators are offered on a regular basis by the Center for Professional Learning and are listed on the Professional Development Menu and Registration System.  Elements of the training include identification of performance standards; diagnosis of professional performance; conferring (feedback on performance) with professionals; goal-setting; and preparation and implementation of professional development plans; and reflection on professional practice. 

Clinical Supervision modules are composed of an overview of the professional literature concerning each clinical component of the formative process; guided skill practice activities with trainer feedback on critical skills; and resources for providing developing professionals with support for continuing professional growth.  Threaded through each training module are techniques, skills, and questions that the Clinical Educator may use to maintain focus upon the Sunshine State Standards, student learning and achievement, curricular alignment, and other school-specific improvement areas.    

The course may be located on the PD Menu & Registration System at:

by looking under the course title “Clinical Supervision for Educators” or by the component number 8-409-305.

To be eligible to take this class, the participant must have at least three years of successful teaching experience.

Clinical Educator Training (CET) Program Overview

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