Assistant Principal Induction Academy

Assistant principals provide the backbone of school-level administration. As new assistant principals begin to lead their schools and support their principals, it is imperative that they keenly understand and respond to critical information, build supportive relationships with stakeholder communities, and work within their unique building’s culture. As research substantiates, few new administrators engage in formal induction programs, which provide guidance on the specifics related to efficient and effective transition into their new roles. Those who take on the role as a new assistant principal report challenges in sustaining student achievement, leveraging relationships, growing as managers, seeking collegial support, and the responsibility of making decisions in high-risk situations (Willer & Recht, 2011).

As a school district, it is important to focus on the specific set of needs of novice assistant principals and establish a culture of support and coherence, which will guide them through the first critical year of their position. In response to this emergent need, the Office of Professional Development and Evaluation has formulated the Assistant Principal Induction Academy. The program, in line with the department’s new vision, is anchored in a theory of action, which provides support and guidance. In accordance with this vision, novice assistant principals will have a network of support as they lead their schools to heightened achievement, understand how their work connects to that of the District, and develop the skills necessary to efficiently recognize and improve teacher effectiveness.

Subsequently, novice assistant principals will engage in monthly professional learning seminars, which are part of the District’s scaled Leadership Development Platform focused on four areas aligned to improving instructional and strengthening leadership capacity. In addition to these regional seminars, novice assistant principals will receive another layer of support, by way of monthly professional development modules, which are part of the induction academy. The modules are also deeply embedded in the Florida Leadership Standards consisting of four domains which are directly aligned to the Managerial Exempt Performance (MEP) evaluation system:

  • Domain 1: Student Achievement
  • Domain 2: Instructional Leadership
  • Domain 3: Organizational Leadership
  • Domain 4: Professional and Ethical Behavior