For the University/College

Step 1

University/College representatives are required to secure a placement for each student intern wishing to complete an internship in a Miami-Dade County Public School. Data has been collected and provided on this website containing names of schools and the number of available Clinical Educators at each site to assist in locating schools willing to host an intern. 

Step 2

Once a school has been identified and agrees to host the intern, the university/college representatives must complete the top section of the Intern Placement Agreement.
 Information required to be completed includes:

  • name of university/college
  • name of student intern
  • start/end dates
  • student intern’s major
  • grade(s) preference of intern
  • school site assignment
  • clinical supervising teacher assigned *
  • signature of university/college representative

*NOTE: If the administrator is unable to provide the name of the supervising teacher at the time the agreement is completed, you may leave blank, however this may cause the placement to take longer to process. The District will not approve the placement until a name of the supervising teacher has been provided to the Center for Professional Learning by the administrator and the criteria confirmed (see below).

Step 3

University/College representative must electronically forward the Intern Placement Agreement form to Dr. Jan Fackler at

Center for Professional Learning Responsibilities

Upon receipt of the Intern Placement Agreement, the Center for Professional Learning will:

  • Confirm the Clinical Supervision for Educators/Clinical Educator Training qualifications of the assigned Supervising Teacher as reflected by the SDES screenFlorida Statute 1004.04                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Confirm fingerprint clearance information of the student intern
  • Enter all placement information into Student Intern Placement Program database
  • Complete a cover page to accompany the INTERN PLACEMENT AGREEMENT requesting all information and signatures.
  • Forward electronically the INTERN PLACEMENT AGREEMENT with cover letter to the school administrator

Upon the school site’s completion of the INTERN PLACEMENT AGREEMENT and cover letter, the school will scan both pages and send the copies electronically to Dr. Jan Fackler at

  • Once completed INTERN PLACEMENT AGREEMENT packet is received, the Center for Professional Learning will review the information and approve the placement.
  •  If approved, an INTERN PLACEMENT CONFIRMATION letter will be sent electronically to the school-site administrator. The student intern may begin the internship once this letter is received.*
  • The completed INTERN PLACEMENT AGREEMENT will be electronically forwarded to the university/college.  If the placement is not approved the university/college will be immediately notified so another placement can be located.

*NOTE: The Student Intern cannot begin until school receives INTERN PLACEMENT CONFIRMATION letter. 

If you have questions, please call Dr. Jan Fackler at (305) 887-2002 ext 2212.

Thank you for your cooperation and ongoing support of the Center for Professional Learning and Student Intern Placement Program.

Contact Info

Janis Fackler, Ph.D.
Intern Teacher Placement Program/AP3
Center for Professional Learning, MDCPS
525 N.W. 147th St.
Suite 267A,
Miami, FL  33168


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