For the intern


Contracts (Intern Placement Agreement) to place undergraduate university interns in district schools are received twice a year, several months before the internship begins, for Fall and Winter terms. The exact dates vary slightly according to the individual institution’s schedule of classes.

The District place interns from 21 colleges and universities, which have current Affiliation Agreements on file with the District.  The largest number of placements made come from FIU and Miami-Dade College. Significant numbers come from the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University as well. The District receives many requests from out-of-state universities to place interns in our District. These requests are generally referred to local institutions for placement and supervision. In brief, the placement procedures encompass the following:

1. The Miami-Dade County Public Schools District requires that each student teacher be fingerprinted and cleared prior to placement. University/college forwards to the District representative the student teacher placement agreement packet with fingerprinting clearance noted.

2. Universities/Colleges contact the administrator of a school to secure a placement. To facilitate university/college supervision, every attempt is made to cluster three or more interns from a single university at a given site. A conscious effort is made to place substantial numbers of interns in schools with a low socio-economic level and minority populations.

3. Contracts received from the universities/colleges identify the name of the university, student intern, subject/grade/duration of internship, and the tentative assignment.

4. Each contract is reviewed by the District to:

  • Confirm Clinical Supervision for Educators/Clinical Educator Training qualifications of assigned supervising teacher
  • Confirm Clinical Supervising teacher results indicate student gains on benchmark measures
  • Confirm student intern fingerprint clearance date
  • Entered contract information into database

5. Contracts are forwarded to the assigned school administrator. The school indicates acceptance, completes information requested about the supervising teacher and both administrator and teacher sign to accept the intern.

6. Completed contract is scanned and forwarded electronically to the District representative.

7. The District reviews for final approval of placement, updates database and electronically sends Intern Placement Confirmation letter to school.
 Note: The student intern cannot begin internship at school site until school assigned receives the Intern Placement Confirmation letter.

8. Completed contract is sent to the university/college and intern begins student internship.

*All placements in student service areas, i.e., counselors, speech and language pathologists, social workers, and school psychologists, are made in collaboration with and specific recommendation from the District Office.



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