Great teachers

What Makes a Great Teacher

On behalf of the School Board and the Superintendent of Schools, thank you for your interest in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). Our system is the fourth largest public school district in the nation and consists of elementary, middle and senior high schools; vocational/adult and community education centers; satellite schools; magnet schools; and various special schools and centers.
M-DCPS is eager to hire instructors with the following key qualities:

  • Dedication to success for all of our students, particularly those in our highest need schools.
  • Commitment to producing quantifiable student achievement gains.
  • Willingness to persevere through difficulties and use problem solving skills to turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Passion for improving the lives of Miami-Dade's student population.

M-DCPS is seeking Highly Qualified teachers in all academic subject areas. We especially encourage teachers who are certified in the core subject areas of Math, Science, Reading, English and Elementary Education to apply for teaching positions.  
Where We Need You Most
Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) always seeks teachers who are passionate about impacting academic achievement and making a difference in the lives of children through high quality instruction.  Our greatest need lies in finding teachers with these qualities to be effective educators in our ‘high-need’ schools.  “High-need” schools have certain common characteristics: 

  • Large percentage of socio-economically disadvantaged students
  • Challenging teacher environment
  • Low academic achievement of student population

Whether or not there is an overall teacher shortage in the nation or state, the shortage problem in “high-need” schools remains constant.  

We strongly urge you to consider working in a high-need school and help positively impact the lives of students who need your leadership and expertise the most. Your opportunity to make a difference in education is right now.  You can make powerful strides in schools where there is much work to be done in order to ensure that all of our county’s students perform at levels that give them an equal chance for success in life. Accept our challenge to become a part of this turning point in M-DCPS history.

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