Individual Professional Development Plan Overview

Pursuant to s.1012.98, school principals are required  to establish and maintain an individual professional development plan for each instructional employee assigned to the school as a seamless component to the school improvement plans developed pursuant to s. 1001.42(18).

The individual professional development plan must:

  1. Be related to specific performance data for the students to whom the teacher is assigned.
  2. Define the inservice objectives and specific measurable improvements expected in student performance as a result of the inservice activity.
  3. Include an evaluation component that determines the effectiveness of the professional development plan.

The Florida Department of Education Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol Standard 2.1.2 reflects the requirements of the law for the development of the IPDP. The standard is designed to ensure that school administrators meet individually with teachers to review and approve the IPDP. These meetings are part of an overall process that values professional development as a major strategy to maximize the potential of each educator.